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About us

   In 1993 the first company was formed under the name IT Pro and offered hardware and software services.

   After the forming of the second company Cup of Java Computing in 2000 the name was formalised as The IT Pro and continued the IT work while also handling all the hardware and software maintenance of the machines of the cafés. The cafés offered a stable income while offering call-out service from the cafés. Then a new opportunity presented itself. The writing of websites.

   The company was reshuffled and the internet cafés were closed. All services were combined under the name of "The IT Pro", which offers a solid, well designed, professional look to the website.

   Over the past 40 years the computer industry has become an essential part of any business. If a computer stops working you lose money. The primary purpose of The IT Pro is to ensure that this does not happen. The IT Pro does not seek to sell you the latest IT gadgets or computers but rather to ensure that the system you already have, works to its maximum efficiency. We have been very successful in improving and integrating services to fit into what you are already utilising in your company.

   In growing into the web market it was desided to write websites for the 3 areas of expertise. But in truth, it is the fact that we are experts in all 3 fields that we can offer a better home office solution. From the experience of a computer maintenance background, to the powerful SEO through Google to get you the excellence you are looking for with your site. Then adding complete computer service with computer training to get the most out of the office you have.
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